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bag concrete vs delivery

Personally, whenever the number of bags exceeds 12-15, I call a truck. Even the shortload charge is worth it when you factor in pickup, delivery, unloading, moving to mix area, picking up EACH bag again to mix, then moving the concrete probably in a wheelbarrow, extra cleanup, etc., etc.

Concrete Footing Fundamentals

The dimensions of footings also depend on the size and type of structure that will be built. Placement of footings is crucial to provide the proper support for the foundation and ultimately the structure. Concrete footings may also be needed for projects such as a deck, pergola, retaining wall or …

Footing mix ratio for single story extension please

May 19, 2014 · Footing mix ratio for single story extension please. ... do the lot and I have to fill about 2 cubic meters of concrete. ... need 1m3 then yes mix it by hand (mixer ...

Footings - Mix Your Own Concrete or Have It Brought In

Am I better off renting/buying a concrete mixer and making up all the concrete and putting them in the footings myself? Or is there enough here that you'd r ... Always beats mixing by hand and ...

Preparing the right mix for solid concrete

Preparing the right mix for solid concrete The most common uses of concrete are for shed floors and footings, bunkers, post footings and stockyards. While the process of laying concrete can be expensive, there are several options for those wishing to carry out the work themselves and save money.

72 Best Concrete footings images

Concrete Footings Concrete Pad Concrete Forms Poured Concrete Concrete Pavers Concrete Projects Stamped Concrete Stain Concrete Concrete Building Concrete form release agent, or form release for short, is a product that's applied to concrete molds, frames and forms to prevent the concrete from sticking as it cures.

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Hand Mixing Concrete

Hand Mixing Concrete: The most important factor is adding the right amount of water, but there’s also an easier way to get the mix out of the bag and tricks to completely mixing the concrete and the water.

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Mixing Concrete Footings By Hand

Concrete Footings Cost, Hand Mixed - cost includes concrete bag mix sufficient to fill a x footing cubic feet per foot of footing). NOTE-- For a larger hand-mixed pour, you might want to mix the concrete using bulk gravel, concrete sand and portland cement.

View topic - mixing concrete for footings • Home

12/1/2011 · are you allowed to mix your own concrete in nsw for pad style footings for a kit home View topic - mixing concrete for footings • Home Renovation & Building Forum Pin to Ideaboard

DIY CONCRETE:: How-To-Mix Concrete : 5 Steps

DIY CONCRETE:: How-To-Mix Concrete: This Instructable will cover three ways to mix regular concrete, one way to mix glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete (GFRC), and instructions on performing a Slump Test to check the consistency of the concrete mix. The method you use will depend mostl...

cinder block footings | Eliminates post hole digging

cinder block footings | Eliminates post hole digging mixing concrete and pouring footings ... Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Dismiss Visit .. Saved from ...

pouring a concrete footing from a mixer

Has anyone here built a footing by mixing the concrete on site with a mixer? In order to save some money I would like to build a footing that is 2' wide and 6" thick. It would have rebar set in the footing just like one poured from a truck.

How long should concrete footing cure before building a deck

When building any footings or foundations and to ensure a solid footing for any permanent structure like a deck you should always use a structural strength concrete mix if you are getting ready mixed concrete delivered then tell your supplier what you are using it for and they will send you the right mix for your job.

Concrete mixing - by hand, machine or using ready mix

Mixing Concrete . The three main options for mixing concrete are: Mixing by hand - this is probably only suitable where less than about ¼m³ of concrete is required for a job providing that a reasonably fit person is available. Using a cement mixer - this is generally suitable where between about ¼m³ and 2m³ of concrete is required. It will require continuous mixing of loads and normally someone else to do the laying of it.

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How to Properly Mix Concrete — The Family Handyman

Before you begin mixing concrete. For most small jobs around the home, bagged concrete mix is the most convenient and least expensive way to go. You can use it for fence post footings, deck footings and even small concrete pads. For jobs requiring more than about 30 bags, consider ordering “ready-mix” concrete from a truck instead.

Building Footings and How to Construct Them: Understanding

Look at your drawings carefully to determine the size and number of footings required. You will most likely want to pour them all at once to save money on the concrete orders. If you are hand mixing the concrete, you may pour them one at a time. A typical footing size may show as 2′-0″ x 2′-0″ x 10″.

How To Mix Concrete - Easy Step By Step Instructions For

Learning how to mix concrete by hand is simple but it is hard work. If your project is any larger than 50 square feet then it might be worth calling a Ready-mix concrete company and have them deliver the concrete in a concrete truck. The concrete will come all mixed and all you have to do is place it inside your forms.

Concrete Calculator - How Much Concrete Do I Need?

Larger jobs such as driveways are easier to complete when ordering concrete by the yard, rather than trying to mix bag after bag by hand. For smaller jobs, like a walkway, modest patio or footings, you should calculate the number of concrete bags instead.

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How to Hand Trowel a Smooth Finish on Concrete

It is a better idea to discharge the concrete on the edge of the area you are working on so it is easy for you to get started with the hand trowel and you get the feel of smoothing the concrete. Step 3 - Use the Hand Trowels. After the concrete mix has been tipped off on the work area, start with the hand trowels to smooth out the concrete. It ...

How to Make Concrete Deck Footings

Mixing Concrete by Hand. Some people might assume that it’s easy to mix concrete: Buy a bag of premix, dump it in a wheelbarrow with some water, and mix it up. Sounds simple, until you get a face full of concrete dust or spend 5 minutes mixing a bag when it should take only 2 minutes.

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How to Pour Concrete Footings & Piers

Sep 27, 2019 · Dig and pour all footings and piers at one time, if possible. Have rebar and anchor bolts or post bases on hand, as you must add them to the concrete while it is still wet. Lay out the footings. The spacing between footings for support posts is determined by post placements, which are a factor of beam spans.

concrete - Should I pour a footing and pier at the same time

The footing must be 30 in below ground and 8 in thick. I am going to use a soil form for the footing (the hole I dig) and a sono tube for the pier. Should I pour the footing and the concrete in one pour? I worry that the concrete in the sonotube will sink down and fill the 18 in hole while it sets, or is concrete thick enough to not worry about ...

How to Hand-Mix Concrete | Video

Hand-mixing can be done in a plastic mortar tub or wheelbarrow with a shovel or hoe. When hand-mixing concrete, empty the mix into a mortar tub or wheelbarrow, and then form a depression in the middle of the mix. Measure the recommended water amount. Each 80 lb. bag of concrete mix will require about 3 quarts of water.


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